Best Link Shortener in India Highest Payout Rates for India $10 for 1K Views


Top Link Shortener In India $10 for 1K Views

This post is for YouTubers and Blogger and someone who are related to online business and want to earn huge money online. Highest  CPM also best link shortener in 2019 best for India and Pakistan.
So you can simply short your links and earn many money even if you get your views from India many link shortener do not give proper earnings for India and many other countries but this page is best for link shortener so please read it . Lets Start..............


  • Gives $1 for every 100 views you can get $10 for 1000 views.
  • Very less time taking and you can also earn here without shortening the links.
  • Alternative to or
  • Less Payout Rates Paypal - $5 and Webmoney $5 and Payoneer $20
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Direct Link -:

2. ShrinkEarn

  • It is the best link shortener in India because it gives you best payouts for india.
  • You can get payments within 10 hours your payment will be approved and you can get money within 4 hours it has fastest service for money.
  • It gives you minimum withdraw rate of $5 only.
  • You can get money in your UPI'S also like Pay-TM UPI, BHIM UPI and Tez UPI, PhonePe.
  • You can also withdraw your money directly into your bank account but it is only for Indians.
  • You can withdraw in PayPal $5, Skrill $10.
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3. DownloadsFly

  • It is best link shortener ever for your country.
  • Low payouts rates $5.
  • Payout Method PayPal, Skrill, Payeer, Bank Transfer, Google Tez(Pay), PayTM UPI $5.
  • Bank Transfer for All country $5.
  • Best things you get $1.50 from before.
  • It has best payouts rates for India and Pakistan for India $7.50 per 1K views and for Pakistan $5 isn't this a great thing.
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4. ClicksFly

  • It is good way to earn money it has mininum payout rates of $3.
  • You can withdraw from PayPal, Bitcoin, Payeer, Bank Transfer, Paytm, Tez, Bhim, Phonepe UPI for India and others
  • For Pakistan it gives special offer and payment option MobiCash/JazzCash $10.
  • And also Pauyoneer $50 thats what it gives.
  • It has maximum rate of $25 per 1000 views.
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  • It has maximum payout rates of $160 per 10K views.
  • It has minimum payout rates of $2.
  • You have PayPal , MyWallet , Bitcoin as withdraw option.
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Direct Link -:

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So hope you get the get link shortener and have best earnings by using the links so that you get high CPM of your visitors. Thanks this are best link shortener in India in 2019.

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