Download VMagazine Lite Free Wordpress Theme


VMagazine Lite Free Wordpress Theme

This Wordpress theme is the most famous and most popular blogger theme. It is especially made for wordpress. It is paid but you can get it for free in this website.

Download link is given below this post.

It is very attractive and SEO Friendly Wordpress theme it can easily get AdSense Approval by Google Adsense so if you are using wordpress blog then always prefer this theme you can earn many money and have many visitors in your blog for free.

Preview on Phone and Desktop are very beautiful please download this if you use wordpress blog it is good for blogger theme also.

Steps to Download-:

Instruction to Download-:
  1. First see down you will see a option Download Here.
  2. Click on it and you will be in next page.
  3. Then on the next page you will see that there are some ads and then scroll down and see a captcha button solve that captcha.
  4. And then Click on continue.
  5. Then you will have to wait for 10 seconds and then click on get link and then you will see a option to download the theme for free.
  6. If you want to buy the theme than buy else download the theme.
  7. The theme is free you will not have any problem even if you will download the theme.
  8. For any problem see the tutorial video that is about how to download theme from our website for free its link is down click view.

Steps to Install-:

  1.  Download the VMagazine Lite Template from the link down.
  2. Then Extract the file.
  3. Then sign in to your blogger or wordpress id or any such and such website.
  4. See there will be a html file right click and click on open with notepad.
  5. Copy all the codes that are given as html.
  6. Then go to your blogger and go to theme option.
  7. Then you will see a option edit html go to that place and select everything by CTRL+A and Paste by CTRL+V.
  8. Then edit as per your choice from the blogger.
 Download the Theme from given download button.
See the Download steps video here(View Button)
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