How to Add Meta Tags to Your Blogger or Wordpress


Add Meta Tags to your Blog (Blogger/Wordpress)

Today we will talk about how you can add meta tags to your wordpress and blogger blog for free.

Steps to add Meta Tags to your Blogger/Wordpress

  1. First step is go to the link below this page.
Then Follow these instructions.
First see the below website will be like this.

To description you need to go to your blog setting and click on basic and then description add your description and then copy everthing from there and paste it to description area.

And then you need to go to search and preferences in setting tab and then copy the description box present below meta tags click on edit and write the keywords separating each other by commas and then click save and copy that also.

And then you need to add your channel name or your name in author or you can leave that option but in robots option you click on all.

And then click on create metatags and then copy it from <b read the instructions from there.

Then go to Theme option of your blog and then click on edit html.

And then click anywhere on these html codes and press CTRL+F and search <head
And then below that you paste your metatags that you have copied before and click on save theme

All done it will take some time and then it will be saved.

Link to create meta tags                   -:  Click here

Instruction to visit web page-:

  • Click on Click here option and then scroll down and click on captcha box and tick on the images that are told to be ticked and click continue.
  • Then wait 10 seconds and click get link and link  will be opened successfully.
Thanks for tutorial video click on How to Download button present at the top of the website.

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